Dear NR Supporter,

I am pleased to announce the sponsorship of, not one, but TWO Build A Home projects this September by the good people of Gathering Stones Church in Falcon Colorado!

Before taking their offering on April 5th this past Easter, Gathering Stones Church was challenged to raise funds to build two homes for AIDS orphaned children and their extended families. Much due to the provision of God, this growing church managed to meet the challenge and came up with the funds to sponsor two homes!

Starting this year, our Build A Home projects will not only provide for the construction of a three room home and celebration, but in an effort to provide more sanitary conditions to the local communities we will also include an outdoor latrine.

Thank you Gathering Stones Church for your wonderful outreach in providing homes for people in need around the globe.

Finally, as Nehemiah’s Restoration is securing funds to build a third home this September we are also currently recruiting volunteers to build these homes. If you’d like to see what you would experience during a Build A Home project, just watch and listen to what these 2014 Build A Home volunteers from Gathering Stones Church say about their experience. Then contact us for more information regarding our next trip in September!

Click Here To Experience The Legacy of Build A Home!


Rob Bollinger
Founder and President

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